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Divine guidance channeled from beyond to bring healing  to the here and now!

Connect to Spirit / Find the Root Cause / Heal Old Wounds / Discover Your Truth / Stoke Your Inner Fire
Relationships / Love /  Health  /  Career / Finance /  Karma / Spiritual Growth
Inner Child Wounds /  Shadow Work / Trauma /  The Unconscious

I can help you

Laurine Tonkin

Spiritual Channel, Intuitive Medium, Angelic Counselor,
Light Worker,
 Reiki Master Teacher
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“I am passionate about the work I do in helping others to rise up and live in the fullness of who they truly are! It is my highest honor to assist clients in finding their own strength, so they can SHINE from the inside out in ALL areas of life! I’m excited to see what you will learn about yourself & discover in the process. Are you ready? Let’s go!”

Laurine Tonkin

Laurine Tonkin is a true messenger of The Divine. Through her own profound journey of healing & spiritual seeking, Laurine has fully risen to the occasion & her calling in this life, discovering & honing her gifts as a clairvoyant & healer. She embodies the presence of an empowered woman, inviting her clients to do the same.


As both a Spiritual Channel & Intuitive Medium, she transcends the limitations often found in this realm & accesses wisdom and guidance to support & empower you on your path. Laurine works closely with the energies & spirits of many Benevolent Beings of Light, including Archangels, Ascended Masters & Divine Feminine Goddess Energy. Through the process of channeling & mediumship Laurine connects you to your own unique Energy Signature, your Spirit Guides & loved ones who have passed on.

Laurine works with both women & men, assisting clients to get to the core or root issues that cause imbalance in the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies. Through this work clients receive the opportunity to connect with Spirit in a loving & safe way that brings clarity, inspiration & profound healing. This work is truly sacred & creates the space to navigate both the challenges and joys of life from a place of deep reverence & surrender to the magic of this place. 

Laurine is a Reiki Master Teacher, teaching Usui Reiki, Holy Fire III Reiki & Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki.   

Integrated Energy Therapist & Angelic Counselor. In session with Laurine clients experience an integrative & unique approach to healing that often includes: oracle/tarot deck readings, crystal therapy, color therapy, hands-on-healing & mediumship.





"Laurine has a special gift. For the entire hour I spent with her, I felt such a profound sense of being loved and accepted, not only by her, but by God, or the Universe. I wanted to connect with a specific person, and she was able to connect me with her and facilitate communication with the Being in question at the time. Moreover, I am able to communicate with Isis even more completely, now that the avenue has been opened. Quite remarkable in every way, and I look forward to many more sessions with Laurine. What a wonderful resource to find in the small town of Morro Bay!"

Leroy Richards

In-person sessions available by calling 805.801.7002
Please fill out the form below to inquire about scheduling a session or with any comments/questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you,
have a blessed day!
Los Osos, CA

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