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Intuitive Readings | Energy Healing | Classes & Workshops | Crystal Gridding & House Clearing | Group Readings & Ceremony 

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Intutive Readings

Intuitive Reading & Spiritual Channeling

1 hour | $185

30 minutes| $100

In Person or by Phone

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In-person sessions -

call 805.801.7002 to schedule

Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Channeling Sessions by Laurine are a unique blend of Divine Messages & Loving Guidance, intended to empower you on your life path and bring healing to mind, body & soul. Laurine works closely with The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Benevolent Beings of Light and your Guides, while creating a safe & loving place for clients to sit down and talk with Spirit. Crystals, Oracle Cards, Tarot and a variety of tools assist Laurine in this work.  Each session is unique in that the methods used will be determined based on your soul’s highest need at the time of the session.

Intuitive Readings assist in healing past trauma, bringing clarity to a situation, getting in touch with your life’s purpose and connecting to loved one’s who have passed over. Through this work, clients discover who they truly are, helping them to unravel life’s mysteries, identify what is ready to make manifest and what is ready to be released.

Come prepared with any questions or specific topics you would like to explore or come as you are and see what Spirit has in store, after all, Intuitive Readings is basically like sitting down and having a conversation with Spirit. You may bring a journal, pictures or record your session on your own device for later review.

​Sessions are available in person, on the phone or for groups. Read more about Group Readings & Ceremony below. 

Healing Session
Pink Rose

Intuitive Healing Session

1 hour | $185

In Person or Remote Session

(Remote Sessions are by Phone or Video & can be done anywhere in the world)

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In-person sessions -

call 805.801.7002 to schedule

Intuitive Healing Sessions are a combination of different modalities according to what is needed for your highest good and can be done in-person or remotely in the comfort of your own home.


Healing Sessions include the following according to what is Channeled uniquely for you. 

  • Reiki Master Usui, Holy Fire & Holy Fire Karuna

  • Ascension Light Codes & Toning

  • Channeled Angelic Healing

  • Integrated Energy Therapy

  • Crystal Healing

  • Color Therapy & Sound Healing​

These sessions are deeply nourishing and assist in healing all aspects of self- mind, body & spirit.


is gentle, very relaxing & yet very powerful in promoting self-healing and balancing. Reiki helps support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels, physical, mental & emotional

IET® is one of the next generation – hands on – power energy therapy systems that get the “issues out of your tissues” for good!


Reiki Level ~ 1, 2 & Master Workshops
Usui ~ Holy Fire ~ Holy Fire Karuna In-Person & Online 

Level 1 | $325

Level 2 | $325

Online Attunement

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In-person classes available now -

call 805.801.7002 for details.

Reiki is gentle, very relaxing & yet very powerful in promoting self-healing and balancing. Reiki helps support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels, physical, mental & emotional.

Distance Reiki Attunements are given over Zoom and Manuals are sent via Email. Attunement Video Chat usually runs about one hour and a follow up Video Chat for another hour or so to go over any questions once you have read the manual and have worked with the Reiki Energy. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and learn what you need to be comfortable and to succeed with your new Attunement & Reiki knowledge. If you ever travel to the Central Coast an additional in-person Attunement with be offered at no additional charge. (In-person Attunements MUST be pre-scheduled once you know your travel plans.)

In-person One Day Workshops are held  periodically throughout the year at The Sacred Sanctuary in Los Osos, Ca.  Inquire about Workshop dates and times with Laurine at 805-801-7002

House Clearing

House Clearing, Crystal Grids & Altar Building 

House Clearing is available for anyone looking to bring positive, protective and loving energy to their home or office space. House Clearing is a simple & sacred ritual of clearing (blessing) a home through practices such as smudging, energy work, sound and crystals grids. Crystals are placed in the corners or around the perimeter of the home to keep positive energy in and protection from negative energy- creating an energetic container of Love & Light. 

Altar building is one of Laurine’s favorite things to do and is a practice that can bring great healing and inspiration. In this practice, Laurine assists her clients in creating Sacred Space for Spirit to dwell. These Altars create a portal to the Divine and can be used for healing, ritual, manifestation and release. Laurine helps you in finding precious items you already have in your home to create an Altar according to your intentions and highest desires.

smudge stick.jpg
Group Reading & Ceremoy

Group Readings & Personal Ceremonies 

Group Intuitive Readings are a fun way to celebrate & deeply nourishing way to bring healing to family, friends, co-workers and other groups of people. These Readings can be given to the group as a whole in the same space or each person can be met with privately in a group setting.  Families, offices, or even parties such as bridal showers can be a unique and wonderful way for groups to gather and bring healing and joy to participants. 

Private ceremonies can be done for specific healing, life transitions, & celebrations through guided Fire Ceremony, Moon Ceremony, & Angel Channeling & Goddess Ceremony at your private location. The sky is the limit, whatever type of Spiritual Ceremony you can dream, let’s make it happen. Reach out to Laurine on the form below to create your Ceremony

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For more information about Intuitive Readings, Healing Sessions & to inquire about Group Readings & Ceremonies please fill out the information below or call 805.801.7002 & I will get back to you.
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