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Here's what clients have to say...

"Laurine has a special gift. For the entire hour I spent in her room at the Ruby Dragon, I felt such a profound sense of being loved and accepted, not only by her, but by God, or the Universe. I wanted to connect with a specific person, and she was able to connect me with her and facilitate communication with the Being in question at the time. Moreover, I am able to communicate with Isis even more completely, now that the avenue has been opened. Quite remarkable in every way, and I look forward to many more sessions with Laurine. What a wonderful resource to find in the small town of Morro Bay!"

Leroy Richards

"I am honored to have worked with Laurine one-on-one & attended her workshops. I am so grateful for her powerful presence, loving kindness and ability to access wisdom & truth. I have found confirmation, acceptance, release and deep healing in session with her. Not only does she provide a loving and safe place to explore- she has also given me so many tools and resources to continue on this path.The Divine is felt in her presence."

Lauren Riffle 

Such a gift to have a reading with Laurine. She has a beautiful energy and presence about her with a true gift for "tapping in" and giving a clear reading. Once things started to flow she was unstoppable and spot on with some her intuition and connection to source energy. Thank you!

Brenda R.

I have had 2 readings from Laurine. She is absolutely amazing! Her reading were spot on and she was able to know things that she would not know AT ALL which to me only validated her amazing gift! She was able to help me bring to light some tough things that I had buried deep inside and how it has effected my soul and life decissions.

Now if you have never been to one of the full moon ceremonies she leads. GO TO THE NEXT ONE! Hands down the most amazing and freeing experience and the best way to connect with and harness the energy of the moon and the Devine! Her guided meditations and the way that everyone is able to connection in a safe and harmonious manner is something you for sure can not get anywhere else!

MaryEllen H.

Between Heaven and Earth, there are philosophies that our imagination can only dream of.  It is in this place that Laurine resides.  It is the place where spirituality, energies and the understanding of being comes into place.  What Laurine showed me, what she conveyed to me as I received my Reiki I attunement is a greater understanding and clarity of the spiritual world and the energies that flow around and through us.   She is a guide, a mentor and a friend that can help navigate me through this.  What we learn is a matter of perception.  As she helps me to open myself to what is all around me, I know that I will learn more of the spiritual world we live in.

Trevor K.

One of the best most accurate readings I’ve ever had! A reading w/ Laurine will continue to reveal and evolve an awakening beyond the session. Thank you Laurine for your amazing offering. Both my sis and I were in awe (still are) and whole heartedly processing the connections you brought to our awareness...much of which felt like these subtle alignments between our mental consciousness and our Spirit. So many thanks for the beautifully aligned take-home suggestions for us to continue w our self growth. I have waited to write this review to give myself some time with one of your suggestions. It has been powerful and awakening a new integrative relationship with my Self! This work is legit! And the best part is you totally connected with suggesting the appropriate healing modalities I already connect with-where I find my power. So for me this session felt like beautiful reminders to invite my passions and creativities to mingle with sacred parts of Self- it’s been inspiring, intriguing and amazing!

Sophia B.

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